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Amy – Ft. Smith Ar
April 17, 2014 - 09:56 PM
first soft liner hurts

i had 24 teeth pulled and immediate dentures placed. i waited 2 weeks and got a soft liner. at first i loved it! it was amazing! i could eat, and speak, it didn't hurt and i actually felt myself again. well, now 8 days later i am in alot of pain!!! especially when i eat. and the odd part to me is that the place that hurts the worse isnt a new extraction. those teeth have been gone for years. what can i do? every time i call my dentist they are rude and make me feel like i am being a cry baby.

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F,SpivaJr. CDT MDT CD – Oklahoma
April 18, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Immediate Dentures and a Soft Liner

Hello Amy,
Ok, first, the extraction sites are not now getting the pressure, that's more than likely why old areas are getting sore..Extraction sites begin to shrink within a few day's after the extractions and that means the pressure from the denture then begins to go to the old areas that have not shrank....I'm going to attach my article on a procedure you need and after you read it write me again and I can provide additional info and answer additional question you will probably have.
F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD
The Denture Pro.

"Temporary Soft Liner Treatment Series"
(C) The Denture Pro.

This treatment plan is designed to comfort damaged tissue as well as provide a functional fit while the health of the gums are being restored.

Following extraction's the extraction sites begin a healing process. This process will take between five and six months depending on the initial condition of the gums and teeth prior to extraction's. The more sever the infection at the time of extraction's the longer it can be expected for the tissue to heal following extraction's.

If "Immediate Dentures" were placed following the extraction's you can depend on the fact that they will cease to fit and function within ten days post extraction's. This of course provides the patient with a great deal of discomfort and frustration. The dentures seem to be hard and rough and do not stay in place. As the gums heal they also change shape and that change means that they get smaller. As they get smaller the dentures inside surfaces no longer fit the gums. The dentures become loose and have a great tendency to slip and slid.

At this point the Temporary Soft Liner Treatment Series can provide both comfort and a good margin of fit and function. The Dentist or Denture professional will mix a powder and a liquid together in precise amounts. The mixture will take on the consistency of honey. The mixture is then spread over the inner surface of the denture and placed back in the mouth, the patient being instructed to close their jaws until the teeth fully touch.

After a few minutes the mixture gels into a rubbery like liner. It bonds to the denture surface and molds itself to the contours of the gums. In it's rubbery state it provides a comfort layer between the gums and the hard surface of the denture. Because it was placed in the denture while in a honey like state it flows and molds. After gelling into the rubbery state the patient will find the denture far more comfortable and stable.

As the gums continue to heal and change it will be necessary to resurface the existing Soft Liner with additional layers of the Soft Liner Material to refit the inner surface of the denture. In most cases the patient will need the Liner resurfaced about every three weeks. Once total healing has taken place a reline impression can be taken over the existing liner and the denture sent to a dental laboratory for reline processing. This process will remove the liners and restore the inner surface of the denture back to regular denture plastic. Minor adjustments may be required following the relining, but that is to be expected.

The Soft Liner System is also used to restore damaged gum tissue when a patient has attempted to wear a denture far longer than the dentures or the gums can tolerate.

If you have any questions regarding this information please write me.

The Denture pro.

Dennis – Arkansas
April 17, 2014 - 09:04 PM

My wife tried something called Reline for her dentures and now her mouth is broke out and sore, is there anything I can get her to ease the pain and help it heal faster?

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F,SpivaJr. CDT MDT CD – Oklahoma
April 18, 2014 - 07:53 AM
Reline Sores

Hello Dennis.
First of all,when you say "reline" did she go to a Dentist to have the denture refitted and the "Reline" was the process used to accomplish that? As for the discomfort she is having, she needs to go back and have any bad areas of the denture plastic adjusted. You can get a product at the drug store called "Ora-gel" that will numb the sore spots, BUT, that is only a temporary fix...She needs to have the denture adjusted in the areas that is causing the sore spots...Write me back about this: If she went to the Dentist about the "Reline", did he or she put impression material inside the denture to do the reline, and did the material get "hot".....Get me that information and I can provide additional information about the Reline. Thank you for writing.
F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD
The Denture Pro.

lori velez – Davenport fla
April 12, 2014 - 06:44 PM

I just had 29teeth pulled and top and bottom dentures put in a couple days ago. My ?is they told me to use powdered poligrip. It seems no matter how much i use i cant get them to where there not loose and they keep pinching me when they shift what am i doing wrong or what can i usethey said powder for 3weeks
I have tried to use a little to alot it's not working help please

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F,SpivaJr. CDT MDT CD – Oklahoma
April 12, 2014 - 10:43 PM

Hello Lori,
The TRUTH of the matter is that the dentures had no chance of fitting correctly when they were put in following the extractions and the Dentist knew it....So here's the deal. Your gums will now begin to change both in size and shape as you heal (Shrink) and this will go on for the next 4 to 6 months...Powder or paste will not correct it...I feel bad I have to tell you this but the more you know the better you can deal with the healing period....There is a procedure called the "Temporary Soft Liner Treatment Series"....that is the "only" proper way to provide a reasonable fit and ability to function with the dentures while your healing. I'm going to attach my article on that process and after you read it feel free to write me again with a comment and ask additional questions.
F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD
The Denture Pro.

The Temporary Soft Liner Series For Dentures

F.Spiva Jr,. CDT MDT CD
Revised Copyright 2009

The Temporary Soft Liner Treatment Series is a system used to protect, cushion and stimulate the healing process of gum tissues. In some cases the Soft Liner is also intended to refit a dental appliance as it performs the other services.
There are three instances when the Soft Liner Series is the best way to proceed. One is when the gum tissues under a dental appliance has become irritated and sore do to an ill fitting dental appliance.The soft liner material is applied over the inside of the appliance in a honey like consistency. As the appliance is seated in the mouth, the liner spreads out and creates a new fit and a cushion over the gum surface, eliminating pressure points. With the liner in place the tissues can heal. Once healed the appliance can be replaced or refitted with permanent material....In most cases the liner will have to be resurfaced about every two weeks until total healing has taken place.
Another reason to use the Soft Liner Series is when a person has had all their teeth extracted and "Immediate Dentures" put in place. About two to three weeks following extractions, the gums will begin to have gone through changes in both the size and shape of the gum tissue and underlying bone. This change will be shrinkage making the denture loose. Because these changes take place on a continuing basis, the denture can cause abrasions to the gum tissue and allow the jaws to end up in a mis-aligned position unless the soft liner is used to prevent it.
When the Temporary Soft Liner is used in Immediate dentures it needs to be serviced every three to five weeks during the healing period. The liner will keep the denture cushioned , fitting and properly aligned. Once healing has been achieved (5 to 6 months)the denture can be refitted by relining with a permanent material.
An older ill fitting denture can cause the bone to shrink away leaving soft flabby tissue. This type of tissue will not allow a replacement denture or relined denture to achieve a suction fit....Getting a denture to suction on to soft flabby tissue would be like trying to get a plumbers plunger to suction on to a mattress or carpet. By using the temporary soft liner treatment series in the older ill fitting denture, the tissue can actually be firmed up and the denture replaced or refitted. HOWEVER...if the flabby tissue is excessively thick, the series will not work, and in such cases surgery is required to remove the excess tissue.
Now, no doubt cost will be a factor to some degree so let me tell you that the major expense is labor. The material it self will cost about $5.00 per application...Adding a new layer should not take over fifteen minutes. In some cases it's necessary to remove the existing liner and place new material in it's place, that will require more time...On average given today's fee schedules and actual material and labor cost, I would anticipate an average complete series should be an additional cost of $150.00 maximum.
If you have questions about the soft liner series or any other dental issue, feel free to contact: The Denture Pro.

Missy – oh
April 07, 2014 - 09:21 AM

i am getting a callus along the left side of my mouth, does this mean they are too long? Also the front and side of my tounge feels like it it rubbing on the left side of the lower denture could it be the bite?

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F,SpivaJr. CDT MDT CD – Oklahoma
April 08, 2014 - 04:24 PM
Callus...maybe ????

Hello Missy,
When we see a callus forming on any one area in the oral cavity we immediately take special notice of the surface to see what the texture is like and the color...There are times when such an event is not actually caused by a dental appliance directly. It can be however but to insure that is the only cause you need to have it evaluated as soon as possible. If it's only an event created by an ill fitting dental appliance it can be adjusted, refitted or replaced, which ever is deemed to be the right choice...but as I said it may not be appliance related and I encourage you to have the affected area examined as quickly as possible. Thank you for writing and please feel free to respond with a comment and ask additional questions.
F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD
The Denture Pro.

sore – no where
March 28, 2014 - 12:54 PM
I had a denture reline now I

Hello. Tuesday of this week my dentist did a reline on my upper denture. I was beyond nervous but he assured me that there was no issue to worry about. 8am he did the mold sent me home and I picked my plate up at 1. He adjusted the back twice and said all was well. I had a sleepless night from pain.The next morning I was shocked to see they wouldn't even stay in my mouth! I used some adhesive and went to work. I called his office and he cannot see me untilnext week. I have sores on my gums and the roof of my mouth is raw.I actually cried when I put them in this morning.
Anyone have any ideas? Or is this common? Will it go away? I regret having it done as before a sea bond wafer and I was good. Now I cannot even use them. I'm very upset. And disappointed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Reply to sore
March 29, 2014 - 09:38 AM

HELP please!

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